Fremont Municipal Airport

We are proud to offer one of the few remaining general aviation airports with the capacity to serve corporate needs in the region. The City-owned and operated facility is located just 1.5 miles southwest of our Industrial Park. The airport is home to more than 50 aircraft.

Airport Services

The Fremont Municipal Airport is classified as a General Utility Airport by the State Bureau of Aeronautics and provides the following services:
  • Charter, instructional and rental services
  • Corporate hangar and fuel farm for Gerber Products Company, with areas designated for future corporate hangar and apron space
  • Dusk-to-dawn attendant services
  • Fuel farm with 80-octane, 100 LL and Jet-A fuels available
  • Major airframe and power plant repairs in the maintenance hangar
  • Navigational aids such as rotating white / green beacon, lighted wind cone and segmented circle
  • Runway and taxiway snow removal
  • Runway End Identification Lights (REIL’s) on 18/36
  • Terminal building with rest rooms, offices, lounge and other amenities
  • T-hangar and apron tie-down parking areas for permanent and transient aircraft parking
  • Unicom frequency of 123.0. All lighting systems activated by radio CTAF 123.0
  • Visual Slope Indicator systems:
    • 4-light Precision Approach Path Indicator lights (PAPI's) on left of Runway 18
    • 2-box Visual Approach Slope Indicator lights (VASI’s) on left of Runway 36
    • Medium Intensity Runway Lights (MIRL’s) on both 9/27 and 18/36