Why Fremont Industrial Park?

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AVAILABILITY OF MORE DETAILED DATA AND INFORMATION: The City of Fremont has the ability to provide the data and information necessary for you to evaluate the Fremont area for its industrial potential. Depending on your specific needs, we can supply you with information on the labor force, utility rates, transportation linkages, land availability, infrastructure capacities, business climate, tax rates, quality of life amenities and other key items. We can also provide you with information on any available incentives, such as educational and training facilities and programs, and others.

Industrial Park Expansion: Construction was completed in late 1996 on the expansion of the Fremont Industrial Park. Located on the City's southwest side, the $2.4 million, 117-acre fully-platted expansion brings the total park size to 148 acres. The park expansion was financed with local bonds and a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. The park includes full utilities including municipal water, sanitary & storm sewer, facilities and curb/gutter asphalt streets, as well as other private utilities such as 1- or 3- phase electric, natural gas, telephone and fiber-optic cable-TV and Internet access. A key aspect of the park is the central stormwater collection and storage system, which allows a business to maximize the use of each site by not requiring significant on-site stormwater retention. Current asking price for the fully developed land is $12,500 per acre.

A comprehensive set of protective and restrictive covenants is in place to protect the quality of development for industrial firms locating in the park. The entire park has been granted status as a State Certified Business Park. This certification gives prospective occupants a better idea of what they can expect to find in the park and assures them of high quality characteristics and services.

Fremont Municipal Airport: The City owns and operates a municipal airport just 1.5 miles southwest of the Industrial Park. The facility currently has two hard-surfaced, lighted runways of 6,500 and 3,500 feet, a terminal building, fueling capability for 80 and 100 octane avgas and jet-A fuel, hangar facilities for corporate and general aviation aircraft, apron parking and an aircraft maintenance facility. A new hangar complex was recently completed, bringing our general aviation hangar inventory up to 30 hangars. Many corporate jet users already use the facility for convenient flight operations throughout the U.S. and even overseas.

The State Bureau of Aeronautics approved the City's 5-year, $5 million capital plan for the airport, which includes the installation of new taxiways, the extension of the east/west runway to 4,000 feet and the construction of a new east/west runway parallel and south of the existing one. Not included in the above total is the rebuilding of both of the existing runways, the extension of the north/south runway, installation of new lighting and expansion of the apron space, which received over $3 million in funding in the last six years; construction of those improvements is complete. There will be a new fuel card reader and new snow removal equipment.

Competitive Water and Sewer Rates: The City operates the water and sanitary sewer systems. Major improvements to the water system in 1993 allow us to serve the total water needs of the Gerber Products Company production facility and to fully serve the growing needs of additional industrial customers. Our water rates are the lowest in West Michigan, and below the state median. Our sanitary sewer system and treatment plant also offer competitive service, with our rates comparing very favorably with other West Michigan communities. An evaluation is complete, including design recommendations, of the expansion needs for the wastewater treatment facility. Additional land has been purchased for the enlargement of the land application system. The expansion will include additional capacity for future industrial users. The City has also completed an infiltration / inflow study that evaluated the maintenance needs of the sanitary collection system. The purchase of a remote-TV sewer line camera has allowed the City to inspect all of the sanitary and storm sewer lines throughout town. The potential improvements to the collection system based on these progressive studies and investigations will ultimately reduce the need and expense for a larger treatment plant expansion and make the operation of our current system much more efficient and economical.

A Progressive, Cooperative Community: Our "leadership quotient" in this community is high. There are well-established linkages between the City, the Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the MI Works! West Central, the Newaygo County-Regional Education Service Agency (NC-RESA) Career Technical Training facility, private utility companies, building contractors, financial institutions and more. We are all part of a rapid-response team that can see to your needs. We are all on the same page when it comes to economic growth for this community. The leaders are progressive and decidedly pro-business.

Fremont is certainly interested in assisting your industrial firm with its locational decisions. We strive to make the development process as quick, responsive and efficient as possible. Our quality of life here in Fremont is unmatched. Family values, a strong work ethic and excellent health care and schools are all available here. We would openly welcome an expanding corporate citizen to our growing community. If you need further information or have questions on the information presented above, please feel free to contact the City as follows:

                                                                                         Todd Blake

                                                                                Fremont City Manager


                                                                                     Andy Harrington

                                                       Community Development and Planning/Zoning Officer



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